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Invisible Resources is based in the beautiful island of Bali, and draws resources from all over Asia. We have gathered some of the most talented people who are the best in their fields. Our goal is to give you the best services at the most affordable price. We are economical, highly dependable, consistent and efficient. Our approach is detail oriented and straight forward, while keeping the whole process fun and easy for the clients. We understand the market and the customer’s needs, therefore our approach is consistently relevant to today’s market needs and trends.

Our main principles are:
Predictability: you always know what to expect from each project.
Quality: each project is carefully analyzed to ensure we are on track.
Transparency: continuous access to all details and information of your project.
Flexibility: we adapt to your processes and your approach to the project.
Responsibility: we treat your project as if all our business depends on it.

Saving Entrepreneurs From Bad Design
Crimes and Overpriced Villains

The Support Your Business Needs


For business to take on its course, it is crucial that you have both an online and offline presence.
We can help you develop and grow your business further to follow today’s market.

Services We Provide To Help Your Business Grow

  • Book Publishing
    Cover Design
    Layout Design
    Social Media Custom Design
    Amazon Printing & Kindle Publishing
    Marketing Materials Design
    Website Design
  • Design & Multimedia
    Advertising (online & offline)
    Art Direction
    Banner Design
    Graphic Design
    Invitation Design
    Logo Design
    Power Point
    Publication Design
    Web Design
    Custom Wordpress Design
  • Illustration & Art
    Art Illustration
    Digital Illustration
    Publication Art
  • Sales & Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Google Adword
    Web Promotion
  • Web & Programming
    Shopping Carts
    Word Press/OptimizePress

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


  • I have used Invisible Resources now to design logos, business cards and websites for two separate companies. Both times they  have been excellent to deal with. Not only do they hit the nail on the head with understanding what we were looking for in a logo and website design, but they were incredibly patient and put up with all my ‘un tech savy’ questions. Responses have always been very quick regardless of the time of day. Nothing I have asked has ever been too much (and I have asked a lot) and their ongoing support has been excellent.”

    [ Heidi Brice, Western Australia ]

    I have worked with many design & website company in the past but Invisible Resources stands above all and has impressed me on multiple levels. Invisible Resources never fails to deliver. They provides incredible design ideas for my consideration, and always does so in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills. I recommend Invisible Resources unequivocally and would hire them again in a heartbeat.

    [ Anna Mitsios, Bondi - Sydney, Australia ]
  • A very, very big thank you to Ferry and Invisible Resources! The guidance, solutions, assistance, designs, CMS manuals, tutorials and constant communication has been exceptional and now we will enter into the world of E-Commerce with confidence knowing our websites are beautifully designed and if assistance is required, they are only a call away. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ferry who is incredibly honest, attentive, fast and creatively open-minded, whilst at the same time has patiently explained to me each step in the building of our websites.  We will continue our work with Invisible Resources as our business expands and we highly recommend their services, which are incredibly affordable.  Thank you again for all the wonderful work and the friendship!!!

    [ Kirstienne Enriquez, Coolum Beach, Australia ]

    A big thank you to Invisible Resources for helping me build a great business profile. They were quick to understand what I was trying to communicate and the result has impressed many of our clients and customers. The attention was fabulous and their customer service is superb. In a matter of days I had a tremendous proposal, above and beyond my expectations. Invisible Resources's quotes were VERY reasonable and time frame for delivery of project was very fast. I was also quite impressed about the post service tips and advice on how to best profile my business. They helped me to understand  internet better and worked out new ways to market my business. I could not have picked a better company to represent my business. They are and will remain my marketing company in the future to come.

    [ Eliska Graves, Sydney, Australia ]
  • Invisible Resources has been an instrumental piece for the growth of my business. The changes that have evolved through their work have been massive. Graphic design, social media and innovative web design with integrated shopping to name a few services I've used. They smoothly and precisely guides me through every step of all processes, efficiently and promptly. I'm so grateful for my introduction to Invisible Resources. You will be too!

    [ Veronica Phillips, Sydney - Australia ]

    I have been in business for past 25 years and seen a lot of service companies make promises they cannot keep, my businesses and I were introduced to Invisible Resources in 2009. We use Invisible Resources for a range of business applications from marketing, branding, website construction and daily general operations. Invisible Resources is true professionals, the response time from inception to completions still amazes me to this day. Its a pity that all business cannot be as efficient as Invisible Resources.

    [ Scott Hepburn, Sydney - Australia ]
  • Anissa AuI am very happy with the prompt and reliable service offered by Invisible Resources. The pricing was incredibly competitive, and regardless of the fact that the developers of my website was overseas, I felt that there was good feedback and interaction. I am very satisfied with the end product and would recommend their services to friends and associates.

    [ Anissa Au, Sydney, Australia ]

    Just thought I'd let you know that Invisible Resources is an amazing company to work with. I sent a brief list of the things I needed and I get an almost immediate response, plus the following day another email of a draft design with everything I wanted plus more. So I highly recommend Invisible Resources. Put yourself in their hands and you'll save yourself a lot of the time and frustration at a very competitive price. I'm super impressed!

    [ Robert Hillar, Melbourne, Australia ]
  • I was very nervous about choosing someone to create my website. Being computer illiterate meant that I felt powerless to understand the ins and outs of the whole process. A friend of mine recommended that I speak to Invisible Resources. Invisible Resources explained the whole process to me during our first call and promised to guide me through the journey. The result was incredible. I have an amazing website that I Love, I can update and make changes to the website whenever I want (due to their phenomenal CMS), I feel completely empowered in my understanding of how search engines operate and my business is reaping the benefits. All of this at a super competitive price. I am stoked and cannot recommend them highly enough!

    [ Damien Meldrum, Coolangatta, Australia ]

    I would just like to say thank you so much for creating my website so quickly and so similar to what I wanted! Thank you so much for all your efforts. I love the final design and am so happy. I will definitely be recommending you to all my future followers and friends. 

    [ Breanna Mules, Adelaine, Australia ]
  • Being very new to the world of websites, I found dealing with Invisible Resources a pleasure. They patiently explained to me what I needed to know, designed a few good looking logos and web designs, and worked with me to get the selected design looking good. I now have the capacity to update the website content myself via the Content Management System material they provides, and I am confident that if I have any problems with this they will be as prompt in the provision of that support as they has been in everything else. I can highly recommend Invisible Resources.

    [ Mark Deasy, Afghanistan ]

    I recently engaged with Invisible Resources to take over the management of my numerous websites and for the purpose building a few new ones for me. I have found their services to be outstanding - I have limited knowledge on the structural and creation side of my web-based business, yet they have made it all very simple for me to understand, and their patience in dealing with my questions has been fantastic. I highly recommend their services and will be utilising their company a lot more in the future.

    [ Leisa Wheeler, Gold Coast, Australia ]
  • Thank you for your continued support and assistance on development of our marketing collateral piece. It was some time in coming but Invisible Resources was a patient partner providing us with edits, changes and versions as requested. Their quick turn around was much appreciated. Working with them from a distance was a workable solution to our needs. The document looks great.  We are pleased to know we have Invisible Resources at the ready to support our future needs. Thanks again for the support

    [ Allen Brooks, San Francisco ]

    A very special thank you to Invisible Resources. They are always there for you to work through all the details of putting a website together. I am exceptionally pleased with the outcome of my website and professionalism that I received always through dealing with Invisible Resources. I had no idea what was involved or how to uploaded and manage information going forward on websites. But, I was given detailed tutorials on managing my content. For things that I didn't want to handle, I could just hand over to get managed for me in lightening fast times as they are extremely efficient. The feedback I have got from my website has been very positive and I believe I have a fantastic opportunity to market my travel business through my website. Thanks again to Invisible Resources and I would highly recommend this company to anyone, it allows you to get on with other aspects of your business and let the experts handle all the other parts.

    [ Adelle Hemingway, Perth - Australia ]
  • Invisible Resources are to be commended for their approach and attention to detail. I have found they attend promptly to the unforeseen issues which can arise from a client's perspective in the creation of new and intricate website creation. Their work is creative. They make promises which are kept in a timely fashion, and they are abreast of what works in to-day's markets.

    [ Norman Hepburn, Australia ]

    I have been extremely happy with Invisible Resources. I found them exceptionally well organized and they maintained excellent communication with me at all times during the web site development process. I was impressed how quickly they grasped what I wanted and I loved their ideas and creativity as well as the attention to detail that was required to deliver the results that I wanted within my budget in such a short time. They promised to deliver the website I wanted in the time frame that I needed, and they did it, at the same time making the whole process easy and fun. Thank you everyone!

    [ Kate Janetski, Denpasar - Bali ]
  • Invisible Resources make the average look great.  Just what I need in business.  A highly responsive and proactive team. I’m a repeat customer now.

    [ Troy Brice, Singapore, Singapore ]

    Thank you very much for the work your team have done designing my website, it is exactly what I wanted. I now realize that Invisible Resources offers a whole lot more than web design, as your marketing prowess and ability to attract “hits” , sets you apart from the all your competitors. 10/10 rating from me.

    [ Michael Kennedy, Wagga Wagga, Australia ]
  • Wow... I am blown away by the amazing service I received! My website was designed and built in less than one week. Invisible Resources is an incredible company... they knew exactly what I wanted and exceeded my expectations! I am so proud to have such a beautiful website, and I will recommend Invisible Resources to everyone I know!

    [ Meghan Todd, Toronto - Canada ]

    Distance is not a problem! Invisible Resources made me feel that they just sit in the office next door. To get work done over the internet, we need to build trust and understanding. And I have given them both without the doubt. The outcome? ... a very good piece of work...and a new friendship. Looking forward to working with them again in many more projects to come!

    [ Wanida Chua-Anusorn, Sagital, Perth - Australia ]
  • Invisible Resources worked on all marketing, advertising and website design projects for my business. I found them to be extremely efficient, innovative and professional. Their designs and knowledge in the industry of marketing and branding are of a very high standard. Clientele directed to my business has increased due to the advice I have utilized from Invisible Resources.

    [ Leanne Cave, Sydney - Australia ]

    It’s a rare commodity for a company to be outrageously creative and well organized, but this is exactly what I found in Invisible Resources when I engaged them to develop marketing pieces for my company. I gave them minimal input yet they were able to develop and supply a range of great options for me in a very short period of time. The creativity, precision and outstanding customer service I received from them was a delight. The value for money represented in their work is quite amazing; in Australia I would have paid at least three times the price for similar quality. Their patience and sense of humor are delightful. If you are searching for a company with exceptional creativity, passion and awesome efficiency than you should stop looking right now, Invisible Resources is the company for you. I strongly commend them and their services to you!

    [ Kyle Tyrrell, Blast Fitness, Melbourne – Australia ]
  • Invisible Resources has been so organized from the beginning. They had guided us every single steps that we needed to make a new website. We love their designs, especially because they delivered what we wanted: a fresh new website which is simple and flexible. Their designs look neat, professionals, and very thoughtful. Invisible Resources also has been so helpful in consulting us in every aspects in order to make the website successful. We are very satisfied with their service, and looking forward for a long-term relations.

    [ Adelina Wasito, Java - Indonesia ]

    In my experience, working with Invisible Resources is fun. You get creativity from every angle and a customer focused approach to your marketing challenges. They also do a great job at taking the brief and doing the job all the way through to executing in the media, making your life easier.

    [ Ross Macfarlane, PT. Bambu Bali - Indonesia ]
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    Redesign and programming of website, social media and marketing materials. Products currently displayed at Sephora Australia.

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  • Edible Beauty Australia Packaging & Marketing Materials

    Creating product packaging, social media & monthly marketing campaign to introduce the new products to the market.

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  • The Practice Bali Website

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  • Oneeka Marketing

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  • Carl Massy's Books

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  • Cocoa Paper

    Developing brand and design for a non-profit organization in Indonesia.


Our Force of Talent


  • FERRY TAN - Founder & Creative Director

    Ferry is Chinese Indonesian and through a scholarship program received a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design from Columbus College of Art & Design, USA. She graduated with honours and was offered a job in the prestigious Mlicki advertising house. Previously, she had successfully established PTIC; a branding and furniture design house in Java, as well as White Whale Media Group; a publishing company in Bali that launched two successful magazines.

    To complement her passion for traveling, Ferry decided to launch online businesses: DapurCreative in 2006 and Invisible Resources. in 2009.

  • CARL MASSY - Business Consultant

    Carl, an Australian Army Major by the age of 29, resigned and moved to Salt Lake (USA) in 2002 to consult for the Winter Olympic Games. This lead to  five years of consulting to Olympic and Asian Games committees and stakeholders across the world.

    His principle vocation is as a Life Coach in Bali, Indonesia. He has also written for a number of magazines on health and fitness, and maintains a blog on all matters to do with wellness. Carl has a Management Degree, a Diploma in NLP, an Associate Diploma in Resources and Personnel Administration, is a qualified personal fitness trainer and is a reiki master.

  • BUDI HARIYANTO - Web Developer and Programmer

    Budi is originally from Java and has been a web developer and programmer for more than 10 years. He is currently working freelance from Denpasar. Budi has worked with some of Bali’s biggest companies, to develop and master their websites.

    His specialties are Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Mootols, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Apache for Windows, Unix and Linux Systems.

  • ADE ERANDE - Graphic Designer

    Ade graduated from Trisakti University Jakarta with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications, and now is working as a graphic designer for two of Bali’s own magazines: Chi (a Russian magazine) and Insight (an English Bali lifestyle magazine).

    Prior to this he was working with Agrandi Graphic House; handling clients from Indonesian Electricity Company and PT. Alfa Artha Andhaya - which is the sole distributor of Taiwan’s IT brand, MSI. Ade’s is proficient in Photoshop, typography, advertising, logo design, branding and graphic design. During his spare time, Ade peruses his other passion of photography.

  • MELISSA ARANDIA - Illustrator

    Melissa is an illustrator from the Philippines. As a kid, she would usually spend her free time enjoying the fascinating world of art with paper, crayons, pencils, and watercolor. Because of technological advancements, she took her creativity and love-for-art a notch further by doing illustrations digitally.

    She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology with Interactive Multimedia Design and Animation from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. She loves creating fun, colorful, and playful illustrations in both traditional and digital media.

  • ARINDITA MARISA - PR and Administration

    Dita has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science with a Communication major from Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo, Indonesia. Dita has been working for Lentera Kasih School and Bina Nusantara School as both secretary to the principal and associate teacher.

    She also worked as the manager for surf retreat resort, The Chillhouse in Bali. Dita is a very fast learner, competent, detail-orientated and great in multitasking. Dita also has a passion in graphic design and illustration.

Carl MassyBudi HariyantoAde ErandeMelissa ArandiaArindita Marisa

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Special Packages To Get You Started

    1. Website Custom BASIC $ 1200
      Perfect for sole traders & micro businesses
      Custom (not store-bought) design layout up to 10 pages, SEO friendly website layout, Online Gallery, Basic Subscription Form, CSS, PHP or HTML template, Contact Form sent to your email to capture enquiries.
    2. Website Custom PLUS $ 2000
      Ideal for small business of all shapes & sizes
      Custom (not store-bought) design layout up to 20 pages, SEO friendly website layout, Online Gallery, Basic Subscription Form, Basic Search Module, Word Press Content Management System, Contact Form sent to your email to capture enquiries.
    3. Website Custom PRO $ 4300
      Perfect for companies that require in-depth design & strong branding
      Custom (not store-bought) design layout up to 40 pages, SEO friendly website layout, Custom Online Gallery, Custom Subscription Form, Custom Search Module, Word Press Content Management System, Contact Form sent to your email to capture enquiries, Shopping Cart, Merchant Integration.

    1. Company Branding + Social Network Package  $ 750
      • Logo
      • Business card up to five names with Letterhead and Envelope
      • Extra design for optional material
      • Facebook Page Custom Design with: Contact Form and Custom logo
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